FPT Global Complete Urgent Project for Henning Harders

FPT Global Complete Urgent Project for Henning Harders

Our valued partner, Australian-based freight forwarder Henning Harders employed FPT Global for the urgent transportation and compliance for three sections of a Ball Mill Girth Gear. Each gear section weighed 22 tonnes and measured 8x2x0.98m.

The cargo was securely loaded at its Laos origin and transported across the border into Thailand. The gear sections arrived at the FPT Global facility in Laem Chabang and were safely lifted off and positioned by a mobile crane to allow for the remediation to begin. FPT Global project teams, along with a qualified Bio-Security Inspector, carried out a visual inspection to ascertain the amount of cleaning required to meet the Australian import regulations.

FPT Global Staff Cleaning cargo
FPT Global preparing cargo for shrink wrap
FPT Global sealing cargo with shrink wrap
FPT Global secure cargo on flat rack for export

Deep cleaning teams used high-pressure washers and other cleaning equipment to ensure full compliance and were duly given the Certificate of Cleanliness by the Bio-Security Inspector. Material teams applied preservation sprays and sealed the cargo in industrial grade shrink wrap.

The gear sections were then loaded, secured and lashed on to Flat Rack Containers that had also undergone Bio-Security inspections and cleaning. The Flat Racks and their cargo were transported to Laem Chabang Port and loaded on to the designated vessel bound for Australia. This urgent project was completed in a timely and efficient manner, much to the delight of Henning Harders.

About Henning Harders

“Henning Harders (Australia) Pty Ltd is an independent, family owned freight forwarding agent and licensed customs broker.
Combining European business traditions with Australian innovation.

The company was founded by the German-born Henning Harders in 1987. Since 2007, Christian Harders has been the active Managing Director. Their established long-term business relationships with staff, clients, suppliers, carriers, agents, partners and Government Authorities further enhances their ability to offer a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions.

Their success can be attributed a unique service model and customised solutions. Their level of commitment, experience and understanding of business on a global level allows some of the world’s most well-known companies to trust them with their cargo.”

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