Air Freight

Freight transported by air provides our clients with much quicker service opposed to ocean, road and rail, resulting in shorter delivery times. In many cargo deliveries, urgency is a key factor and thanks to our extensive global network of partners; we can increase the speed of your shipments.

FPT Global will ascertain the optimal logistics solution for shipping your cargo to its requested destination. Cost efficiency is paramount, and we will strive to provide you with the highest possible savings while delivering a fast and dedicated service. We will work closely with your teams to ensure full transparency and tracking of your shipment, with an increased focus for urgent deliveries.

As the world becomes ever more interconnected, the demand for quicker shipping times significantly increases. International air freight transport can deliver a broad range of goods across the globe in a matter of hours. Many of our clients choose the air freight solution for their export and import operations, although more expensive, this mode of transport can respond to urgent needs which is especially beneficial when shipping over long distances.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the most cost-effective mode of shipping for transporting large amounts of cargo. FPT Global offers a comprehensive range of services for container-based LCL and FCL, breakbulk and OOG cargo. We have established several partnerships with notable shipping companies allowing us to charter all or part of ships for transporting any type of cargo.

Our ocean freight department is well experienced in this sector and provides an all in one service for the handling of international ocean freight. Our teams will procure all the necessary documentation and complete all the formalities for your exports and imports along with liaising with the international ports to reduce the chance of delays; this ensures a seamless delivery of your cargo to its destination.

Road Freight

The most versatile mode for carrying freight is road transport as it is well-suited to many needs in the logistics sector. FPT Global can provide a multitude of national and international road transport solutions for your cargo.

Using road transport for your cargo deliveries has several advantages such as door-to-door service, flexibility and efficiency over short and medium distances. Road freight projects can be initiated quickly and are easily adaptable to requirements regarding route or type of cargo while still being competitive on price.

At FPT Global we can transport cargo of any type in a speedy and cost-efficient manner. This is due to our regional and international network of haulage partners, resulting in a streamlined road freight transport service for all our clients.

We are well versed in the transport of bulk cargo along with the machinery and equipment required for handling. For heavy goods and OOG cargo transport, we can provide cranes and hoisting platforms to assist on the project, along with the necessary qualified heavy goods team to ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination within budget and on-time.

Dangerous goods transport requires careful and sensitive handling as well as adhering to a series of strict specifications and legal requirements. Any accident resulting from the mishandling of dangerous goods can lead to serious consequences to the people and the immediate environment. This is why any project that includes the transport of dangerous goods must be carried out by a company capable of controlling the goods at all of the stages of the transport chain.

FPT Global can carry out such projects with complete reliability and in compliance with all standards and laws regarding storage, packaging, labelling, loading and stowage on the vehicle. We only work with experienced, qualified personnel and approved vehicles enabling us to optimise the supply chain throughout the project so that your goods arrive incident-free and intact.