FPT Global understands the specific demands that the FMCG sector brings; this is why we offer comprehensive Integrated logistics solutions that are client specific, uniquely designed and implemented to meet your projects exact requirements.

When outsourcing your FMCG logistics management and project execution needs to FPT Global, you will benefit from the following:

  • Service level and traceability improvements
  • Cost reductions relating to management, suppliers, transport and warehousing
  • Reduction of stock inventory levels
  • Continued improvements from best practice sharing
  • Increased flexibility and the ability to adapt quicker
  • Minimised impact on the environment.

Our Services


We can reduce your costs regarding freight by consolidating products from multiple clients into one shipment.

Container Loading

Loading of goods can be organised into the consignees preferred choice, for example, by SKU, colour or size.


We offer several and value-added services to facilitate your shipments through the necessary customs channels quickly and efficiently. Our customs representatives can access shipment documents during the transit period to provide customs pre-clearance or completion of customs documentation before arrival.


Reduce transit times and touchpoints with our Import deconsolidation service that allows us to cross-dock and ship direct to store or to your regional distribution facilities.


We can provide labelling, ticketing, kitting, construction of POP displays to get the shipment store ready and speed up the process to the retail floor.


We have a regional network of multi-client facilities available that can be used as virtual distribution centres during unplanned peaks in demand throughout the year. Due to the nature of the FMCG, we can offer short-term warehousing contracts to help meet your demand in a cost-efficient way.

Temperature Control

For temperature-sensitive products such as fruit, vegetables and flowers, we can provide ambient, chilled and frozen storage.

Vendor Management

FPT Global works in conjunction with FMCG vendors to ensure your business requirements are met, and they fully understand all aspects including, the flow of goods, communication standards and your administrative processes.